Sunday, May 7, 2017

Many blessings this week

Hey Everyone!

It's been a pretty weird week this week. Monday and Tuesday I got a cold (our zone calls it the French plague). Just a sore throat and stuffy nose. Tuesday night I asked for a blessing from the elders in my room and it was crazy spiritual. Oh!! And if by chance Morgan Armstrong reads this, on Tuesday night we watch films from past MTCs and stuff. The film we watched was an MTC talk by Elder Holland. And in one part I saw your sister Alex sitting in the audience of the video! No doubt it was her! I think the talk was called Loosen your Tongue. Not 100% sure though. Everyone else watching it thought I was crazy cause I just randomly yelled "I Know her!"... Silly me.

Anyway, the night after that, one elder in our room asked for a blessing, then after that another elder got prompted to ask for one, then another elder asked for one! 3 Elders in one night! Super spiritual moment. Sadly I am not district leader anymore, though I wish I was. Our zone leaders left and now we have some new zone leaders and STLs (sister training leaders). Life has been pretty good since they opened up the new field and sand volleyball court. Now I can play Frisbee!!!!!!!!!! I am definitely sunburned now. By the way I found out something I really want! A bunch of the missionaries here have these things called spinners, it's a very simple little fidget toy, all it is is a kind of triangle shaped piece of plastic with a bearing in the middle and 3 others on the outside, and you can spin them on your finger really fast.

I want one!! I don't know how much they cost. Just look up spinner fidget toy on Amazon and you should be able to find one. I will rely on my family for that.

Well I think that's it for this week, I think that I'm good enough at French to bear a simple testimony over email so here it goes! Just Google translate it and you should get the idea.

Je sais que L'Évangile de Jèsus-Christ est cèntrale de Plan de Dieu. Je sais que ci vous priez sincerèment, vous pouvez rèssentir le Saint Èsprit, et le Saint Èsprit va donner vous la paix, et bonheur. Je dis ce choses au nom de Jèsus-Christ, Amen.

Elder Payne

For convenience, here is the exact Google Translation:

I know that The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the central of God's plan. I know that you pray sincerely, you can feel the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit will give you peace, and happiness. I say this in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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