Saturday, May 13, 2017

More blessings and a tie

Hello everyone! 

So this week was very eventful. First off, we got our travel plans!!!! We leave for a one-way, non-stop flight straight to Paris. We leave the MTC on the 22nd at 11:50am. Our flight departure is 4:50pm. And we should arrive in Paris at 11:15 am the next day. Don't let that confuse you though because we aren't going to be on the plane for 20 hours. We are actually crossing like 4 time zones so it will actually be like 11 hours.  Everyone going to Paris has the same flight I think and the people going to Lyon get to stop in Amsterdam, Netherlands. And thanks to the Dablings for the package! I deeply enjoyed the green chile and everyone in my zone liked the strawberries!

The coolest thing happened this week! So my companion Elder Hayes knows tons of people in the MTC. We can't go like half a day before he recognizes someone. Well this one girl he's known since like second grade was really having a hard time here. And she wanted a blessing but doesn't know any of the guys in her zone that well. So she asked him to give her a blessing. That's a stretch because usually only the zone or district leaders of the person can give her a blessing. But she is in a different zone. So we had to call our Branch President and he let us do it, even though that doesn't usually happen. So we met her and her companion at about 9pm (after all of our classes) we said our own little personal prayers before hand and it ended up being an awesome experience. Then after that in our room before bed, one of the elders asked for a blessing, then another, then another, then another. I got to bless one of them, which was super amazing because I've only ever given 1 blessing. So yeah, the whole night was spiritual. And I got to do sealings in the Temple this morning.

I discovered how easy it is to gain weight here, I've gained a little more than 10 pounds in the MTC. Although I've been working out a lot so I hope most of that weight is muscle. I have started to think in French, I answer Oui to most things just out of habit and
it's weird to not pray in french now.

I have been trading ties with other elders and I have come across the most beautiful ugly tie I have ever seen. And I traded a zip tie for it! Score! I will send a picture of it soon.

Elder Payne

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