Saturday, April 29, 2017

More news from the MTC and photos!

Dear Family,

To answer your quesions right off the bat, I definitely don't need another suitcase, even if I did, there are suitcases at the MTC store here for pretty cheap. I don't think I need anything else, I'm pretty well off as it is. All of the Elders I mentioned are in my room, 6 total sleeping in one room. We all have a bunkbed, I sleep on the top bunk over my companion Elder Hayes. Sleep is harsh here, for some reason no one I know get very good sleep. But that's besides the point.

The past week has been very interesting in class. We had a teacher that left us on Wednesday because she got married and her honeymoon is in Cancun. Then another teacher has just gotten assigned to a different department in the MTC. Our substitute teacher is going to Africa for some sort of important business. So all 3 of our teachers left us and right now we are being taught by a brand new teacher and the guy in charge of training the teachers. 

Elder Nakamura leaves the MTC on sunday, and since he and his companion are the Zone Leaders, they will have to assign 2 new ones. Which is kind of sad cause he was a really good ZL. Me and the guys in my room have discovered some terrifyingly hidden artifacts in our room. There is a nerf ball in our room that we have no idea where it came from. And we have found 2 creepy pictures of an Elder who was there before us hidden in random places. I found one behind my mirror and we don't know how many there are left to find.

I will send some so I will point out ho is who.

The picture with a lot of people is our entire Zone, which means everyone in that pic is going to a French speaking mission.

This is my district at the temple, we get to walk there every Sunday just to hang out and take pictures.

The 3 Sisters in the middle are Soeur Hurd, Soeur Bigg, Soeur Seely,  That is in our classroom BTW.

This picture is in our Classroom with Frere Ritchie, he is a teacher (2nd from the left standing up}.

Front to back:Elder Tanner is in front, then Elder Hayes, Then Elder Ehlers in the light gray shirt, next to him is Elder Smart, then Elder Lethco, and me, all the way in the back!

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