Monday, June 5, 2017

Working in Nantes

Dear Everyone!

Hello, how is everyone? I'm just gonna keep bugging people who haven't emailed me yet! Karl, Lonny, Morgan, Kristen (I know you can, you just keep forgetting), and everyone else that I mentioned in the last email.

So this week has actually been very eventful. We went on exchanges in La Rochelle, which is a smaller town below Nantes, and it is literally a city on the Beach. So I got to see the beach and I took a picture! I also got a shell for home, nothing super cool, just a shell. 

I encountered the most DISGUSTING thing this week! So after exchanges in La Rochelle, we came home after a long day of tracting and porting(door to door). And in our apartment we have a small little mini fridge in the corner and we never investigated it because there is a sign on the door that says "Abandon all hope ye who enter here". So we didn't open it. Well we get home and find this brown goop leaking out of the fridge and onto the floor. We were standing there just like, what should we do? I decided we had to open it and take care of whatever is going on. So I opened it and the most disgusting, pungent smell filled the entire apartment. Me and my companion start gagging and grab towels for gas masks. And I just told him, "give me some bleach and a towel, I'm going in" then he started cooking dinner. I opened the fridge all the way with bleach ready in hand, and there was more brown goop all over the inside. I opened the ice box where all of the goop was coming from, and inside is a box of Steak Hâche (ground beef), a bag of chicken, and a ziplock bag of fish. All of which are rancid. The brown goop is literally melting meat. So after bleaching the crap out the fridge and Fabreezing the entire apartment and throwing the old meat in the dumpster downstairs, I left bleach inside the Fridge to take care of the smell. My comp was impressed though how I just dove in and started cleaning. I think my nose has PTSD.

So that was interesting. Anyway I am slowly but surely getting the hang of French. And slowly understanding what I should be doing.

Have a good week everyone.

Jay sent a few more pictures.  Some were from Paris on his first day in France that I missed last time.

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