Monday, June 12, 2017

More exchanges and trips to the coast

Dear Everyone!

Hello! How is everyone! The work here is going great! And I am starting to get the hang of everything! Thank goodness.

This week was pretty interesting, I went on exchanges to Saint Nazaire, another city right on the beach. The companionship there is awesome! They are so much fun! We did some contacting and I discovered that contacting jeune filles (young women) is very interesting. Because half of the time they think that we are just flirting with them and then we whip out a 
Book of Mormon or pamphlet and they will either reject us nicely or totally catch on and be awesome. But it definitely is an adventure! 

After exchanges I accidentally left our apartment keys in Saint Nazaire. That turned out to be an interesting day. I'm starting to really get the hang of french, now I just need to work on my confidense in talking to people in french.

I have been learning a lot about cleaning this week, we have some apartment inspectors coming to our apartment tomorrow so we had to do a ton of cleaning this morning. We have hardwood floors which means that we have to sweep all the time or we get crumbs and stuff on our feet, which is my equivalent to Dad getting socks wet walking in the kitchen.

I have to keep it really short this week because my time to email is already over. Everyone have a good week and passé bon journée!

Elder Payne

Must be the door to the church

Coast off of Saint Nazaire

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