Saturday, April 22, 2017

First Full Week in the MTC

Hello World!

Everything is going great in the MTC! Just normal days. I really do love it when you guys send me e-mails! It makes me feel loved! haha. I have discovered that the cookies and cream milk here at the MTC is pretty good, It`s like the middle ground between Chocolate Milk and regular milk. The New Mexican food here is kind of disappointing, at least they try. I find it funny how the MTC Zones are kind of like fraternity homes. We all know each other and we have little things that only our Zone does, like singing cantiques(french hymns) every night before bed. Our zone also has things called artifacts, which are objects that have a story behind them and have been passed down through the generations. They usually have a funny story attached. 

I really appreciate that you all are praying for me! I know that it's only been like a week and a half, but I would like to hear from some more people (e.g. cousins and friends). I've only been here about a week and it feels like several months. There is a saying in the MTC. The days feel like weeks, and the weeks feel like days. That couldn't be more true. My zone is the biggest with about 47 people either going to Paris, Lyon, or Tahiti, and one is going to Toronto. My district is 8 people. Me, Elder Hayes, Elder Smart, Elder Ehlers, Elder Lethco, Elder Tanner, Sister Seely, and Sister Biggs. One Elder talks in his sleep very clearly. Sometimes in french. The sisters are pretty weird sometimes, they will randomly giggle or even laugh hysterically at random things. Elder Smart is from London. We all get along really well and so far there aren`t any problems. Being district leader I get to pick up the mail every day twice a day. You won't believe how exciting it is to get mail or a package in the mail.

Well this is the end of this email and I will try my best to respnd to everyone who sends me an e-mail. Au-revoir! A bientot!

Elder Payne

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